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Compendium of Knowledge - 2010

by XoC

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Ayo my third eye see thru you design It delves into your mind Terribly written lines Mixed with lame rhymes I'm done here Travel and tackle major hassles In one year Change my demeanor Some might say its meaner Maybe it's leaner Greyhound build Made for running races, still The faces Contortions they're making They twist in shock Eyes slit, jaws lock What has he been doing? Adapting and changing? I knew it You clueless? Or maybe you stupid X does this Done it, strange style Weirdly stunning Cadence on the Wordcore running X has always been an enigma Got bigger, much better Still no chedda But I manage, cause I'm slicker And I damage a mic that ya hand to me Insanity the way rhythm rotates my reality You should thank me for my magnanimity Oh, what? you really can't see X that real dude G And it illuminates the way most people see me It's easy Of course, but that's from my point of view Funny how i got folks wondering what the fuck im gonna do See, what I'm gonna do Is show you how twisted the way that I choose To propagate this maze of everyday we call life And stand strong on my own two I warned you Now its over No more playing games with you Bossanova Profundo, I won yo But to me its a small prize and I'm so far from done yo
I'm the Compendium of knowledge Never been to college Brain remains absorbing like a sponge Never stopping It's quite amusing To you maybe confusing But I just don't think that I can quit To Y'all detriment, It's negligent of you to think that you are better than The X will teach you all to be a little more intelligent Especially when Y'all could stand to use y'all brain more Change more minds than a lobotomy Who's hot as me? One time for the mind Two times for the rhyme Three times - exponentially I am greater than All you other rappers that are crap, Four times so divine Five times I'm smarter than you claiming man Changing man Nerdcore hip hop Going thru a renaissance Big names climb to the tiptop Leaving bottom dwellers looking liplocked Kissing ass, wanting to get a Lil shot No, that's impossible Brickwall stopping you Veterans thinking They are bettering But the scene needs some more medicine Stale bread Feeling like the pale dead Pulse flatlining Please defibrillate Maybe that will shake The wack rhyming Bad timing Weak lines like a muffin Telling people you're a rapper Stop bluffing You ain't about nothing Some pushin on more Being shot down Dumb clowns, think they're hardcore Back down Mufuckers I'm the Compendium of knowledge I've Never been to college My Brain remains absorbing like a sponge Never stopping It's quite amusing To you, maybe confusing But I just don't think that I can quit Y'all detriment, Its negligent of you to think that you are better than The X will teach you all to be a little more intelligent Especially when Y'all could stand to use y'all brain more Change more minds than a lobotomy Who's hot as me? X jumps upon the scene His pockets looking lean Mean grills from the trolls They be hatin on XoC, who he be? His music ugly X travels galaxies See ya later holmes Five steps above your wack style Black child, half Mexican, hope to see some checks again Next I spin Mad stories for the glory, do the fuken best i can Don't claim to be the best But I'm freakin better than Most of my peer group Watch me steer thru See you looking, I could tell I got your ear, true It's alright, and thats ok No way you can touch the kid Need intensive studiying My style's different Your style mad cruddy and You should go away Gtdamn, why you buddying? Please take the lame, non talent that you trusting in And understand the X is gonna spit it mad disgusting man
So I'm up at six in the morning Crack of dawn, yawning Scratching my rear end Open mouth spawning Flies, oh my, I take it to the bathroom Teeth brushed, face washed Got ta get my ass groomed X feeling sparkly All this action gets the crusty stuff off of me Outside, I two step Fast walk is stupid Late for my office Boss is screaming that I'm useless Well man, FUCK IT!! Duck into my cubicle Hard drive unit full Porn building up I'm torn to give it up But I got to Half my stash out too Discovering A song I long ago Coveted I'm buggin man USB drive I'm plugging in Copying Itunes, it's soon occuping My bad, occupy, 100 copies I, Send to the printer I'm thinking about dinner hook Chick from the first floor came to me to chit-chat Sit back Lemme tell you all about my weekend I had the most erotic dream sleeping Me and you, a cabin, some booze and some cheeba Bent over pine wood table fully capable Hot, heavy, went all out Like it was pay per view It didn't stop All night You were insatiable And later you Covered me up with whipped cream Damn!! What a dream But you gotta get going now Bossman beckons, Erection steady going down Lost my connection To the net The cursor spins around Bossman getting quite upset Wanna bet He comes in With an attitude screaming Shirt collar tight, I can see his ears steaming Curses spewed out, not a single word redeeming Dreaming I wish I hit it big hook Client walks in it's about 530 Dirty, stinky, hands and arms inky Toner over evrything , computer screen blinky Please do this job I need it right away man Hey fam, I got my couch I haven't seen all day man It's waiting for my butt But your job is in my way and I'm bout to take your fuken job and shove it all the way in! So you can go to hell and I'll be on my way then XoC, what the hell's your problem This man has a dilemma, you're here to solve them So quit your lame ass complaining And fuck all your ills too Don't you forget that i pay for all your bills dude Chill dude I'm bout to go home I left my stove on I think I left the water running So forth and so on This job is hella harder cousin Don't think I'll go on So fuck the client With his punk ass Bout to get stole on
So I invited her Hiding her Trying to Sneak her in Make the least amount of noise possible quiet like the morgue section of the hospital Tiptop tiptoe Dad's rustling Must of had a bad dream or something She's jumping Be calm girl My room's right here Get in there We gonna have a good time here Got liquor A litle thing I rolled right there Move quicker Please sit ya Round behind Hazel eyes Sweet old thighs Gotta body that a man might fear Not me tho I keep hoes Painted toes And I'm known as the muthafuken man round here Enough of my dumb bragging It's time for show the girl i back it up with nuff action I'm bout show the lady how I move my love passions Cept my liitle man not showing no reaction I'm flaccid DAMN! Hook Now I'm frantic Man WTF, thoughts in a panic The more brain racing, the less little man standing Outstanding I told this girl be ready for a beating My liitle man softer then a cloth and its defeating Really? That's how you gonna treat me? Me who always wore a velvet glove as I beat thee? She's freaky And you who's always down to freaky deeky? Prevents me being sneaky? Poking on this honey, before her hubby, On a business trip in Rome Decides he should come home I needed to get this one off and now she's hardly moaned I hate you The next time I jerk you I'll use razors Or tase you Man who am I kidding I can't do that to you I still hate you And this girl is running late too And she's leaving Disgusted Dreams of slaying it Slashed, dashed and busted So fuck it My dad's is waking up so now its really fucked That girl never gonna gimme another chance No romance Just me and your limp ass in my pants Dammit, fuck my life Hook From the chick point of view, I'm impotent Can't tell if he's ever gonna get it up, loser, idiot A guy can't satisfy a woman, get rid of it A million thoughts floating in her head, let's listen in Dumb fuck dragged me over here with his promises Bout to tell all my closet friends About a thousand of them Twtters' gonna help me spread the word They'll acknowledge it Pass it all around, retweet He's got a problem dick Damnnn Mannn I need to form a plan I can't have this shit spreading You understand A man's got his hands full Don't want a Scandal He's got enough issues in his life he needs to handle Stage fright is the term Hopefully not perm Can't have my snake, shriveling to a worm Can't have the stiff pipe, turning into a thread In this hyper-sexualized world I might as well be dead instead
Facebook's watching, so is Twitter Google's got all of your info They've been been saving all your searches Don't get me started about Windows World wide web is the big brother Now with webcams, it's official Anonimity is gone now Privacy is out the window Yup, I'm lazing, hands on my balls Eyes glazing Browsing on the web, it's late Im facing Work in the morning, don't care, I'm chasing Friends on my Facebook page Damnmm This shit slays me I'm sittin here amazed we Post up all the moments of our lives, are we crazy? A million plus yokels On the web and they feel like It's alright It's the net not like real life So much information What's your inclinations? Isn't it amazing The pace of innovation Built in an instant The world now revolves on Staying yo ass on the grid we've evolved on Don't be a caveman They tell you it's required That every damn moment of your day should be wired Tired? It's websites Zapping productivity Updates, passwords, logins, Are you kidding me? Facebook's watching, so is Twitter Google's got all of your info They've been been saving all your searches Don't get me started about Windows World wide web is the big brother Now with webcams, it's official Anonimity is gone now Privacy is out the window So we sat on our asses Web built around us Little by little As it grew It astounded us Piqued our interest Modems were the business Telephone noises were the method of deliverance Bits started flying Binary language Ones and zeros, thru the wires Started dancing Pants on fire, Lying to the people They told us Internet was gonna make us equal Jokes on us, we're just a bunch of sheeple Upload facets of your life and now you're see thru They know all your secrets Thought that they would keep it Companies are scrambling to buy And you're in deep shit You've been targeted Businesses are marketing Things that you whispered to your friends In total confidence Inbox filling and it giving you the chills Damn, how'd they know that I was struggling with bills Facebook's watching, so is Twitter Google's got all of your info They've been been saving all your searches Don't get me started about Windows World wide web is the big brother Now with webcams, it's official Anonimity is gone now Privacy is out the window Now your TV's connected They see what you were watching Netflix knows about the movies you've been copping eBay telling em the junk you're collecting Bidding on dildoes? They'll see it in a second Zune and iTunes know you're into techno That shit's lame, you should listen to the Xo!!! (haha) Facebook tells em who your friends and what you're doing Analyzing patterns while you haven't got a clue and Twitter is the main source of all your silly musings Know about the drama in ya life and who ya screwin' Pursuing, who's tattooed, and who's abusing booze, and even type of gum that you've been chewing You're used and abused with no clue to what they're doing Enthused that the Internet is free So you peruse it Confused cause you don't know all the ways that they misuse you But try to give it up, you're addicted, you'll refuse to
So the night starts off with me laying in the bedroom Drunk a half bottle of the Jack and now my head swoons I'm finally gonna get some when she gets up out the restroom But then she comes in and declares she has a headache A headache? Yeah a headache Damn, not again sweetie I've been feening since you wore that string bikini You said you would tonite And I wish you would appease me It's easy I'll do work You bring the cavities damn Now what'd I say to get you mad at me This night was meant for fun, now it's turned into a tragedy And casually You've come out to be the winner And I get labeled as a certified sinner I figure I'm assed out, What's for dinner? And in reply, I receive the cold shoulder It's over This shit happens when you're older Ten years married and I probably shoulda told ya It's common Married women tend to do it often To soften A man Til he wonders why he's locked in And rocking a ring that inhibits his philandering Meandering eyes lock focus on the mandarin Cutie with a booty Feels the loins steady hungering He's wondering Should he start to searching for a younger thing I get no nookie from the missus No hugs, no loving, no more kisses Don't know what the hell she thinking I'm fin to have me an affair So years go by And the situation tests me Young intern at the office looking sexy Low cut blouse And stilettos looking crazy Long ass legs And booty that amazes me Dazed me Now she got me thinking that maybe My peen might see that place she makes babies Been trapped Long time Man needs his comfort Dumb jerk Puts it on the intern Til her bum hurts Every position known to man has been accomplished Accomplice, Facilitates liaisons up in Yonkers It bonkers The type of shit a man will do kisses So far, i've kept the secret from the missus Facing Dire consequences if she catch me Actually How would she know She never touches me Can't let it out, cause you know how repercussions be Also, sorta like the way the girly clutches me I get no nookie from the missus No hugs, no loving, no more kisses Don't know what the hell she thinking I'm fin to have me an affair An army of men in this nation facing problems Find a little something on the side is how to solve them No more unity, screw my family Dads out burying his peen this is insanity And actually This here happens on the regular a web site showing how to hide it on your cellular A condoms bought to inhibit the molecular Transfer of matter that will ruin both your merriment It's scary when Jumpoff showing you her pee test Detest Driving to the clinic Makes you depressed Retest, and it's positive You try to repress The rage and the sadness And the underlying Regrets How are you gonna tell the wife, you asshole Knowing she's gonna pull a knife to slash your Face, hand, maybe little man, move fast or Lose a little part, cause you couldn't keep your parts in
Dinosaur Dinosaur Bones known to hide in pores Of rock trapped, tapped, then extracted Making miners sore Reticent Reticent Watch it keep him resident Fears mixed with tears He shoulda left it to the better men Eristic Eristic Everybody knows I fIow ballistic Methods are intristically sadistic Insouciant Insouciant Dude, Why so exuberant? You Losing it My words are like my lubricant Move it!!! Invidious Invidious Man you are insidious A hideous attempt You're such a wimp It's cause you're Envious Inequitable Inequitable Bruh, it's like a vegetable Negligible Its presence on my plate is Not acceptable Dialect Dialect The words I choose To abuse To confuse Do bruise Worse than I expect Petulance Petulance Once saw a kid getting sassy With his nanny Threw a diaper filled with Excrement Ok octothorpe Octothorpe Ain't the pound sign Jaw hit the ground, Haiha I knew What that was for Ubiquitous Ubiquitous How are you fit to fuss When x done proved He's pervasive And his shits a must Insipid Insipid? No! You're insipid Ha, even you fucked-it-up Pronounced it different I tired of this test, 'yo dude You fuken tripping You need to concede, Please believe The x can rip it He's wicked, a slick kid The word game, exquisite A visit, inhibits Doubt from all the haters So dude See you later The X gotta dip quick So dipshit Please In the end Mind your business
I am A solitary photon Travelling Gathering Speed So fast Can you imagine it? I'm shattering The laws of the universe The way that I work Quantum mechanics and infinitesimal Million times smaller than a decimal Point on Spectrum Electromagnetism Wavelength varies very necessary Elemen-tary particles Wave particle duality In actuality I'm here and I'm not And thats at the same time Unless I reflect I travel in a straight line Dipping in and out of convergent timelines Multiple dimensions I have no intentions To stop, why? One billion years in emptiness Other photons travel too... with and without me I scout the Green blue planet Trajectory routes me A trillion photons enshroud me Caught up in whirlwind of action Forces of attraction Attacking Gravity, strong and weak nuclear force interacting Smacking Me around Shaken, I maintain Not one drop of my speed Does it degrade Plummeting Large glass object, I spot it Tumbling Can't press stop, it looks like I'm gonna hit No doubt it's My end, I'm in front of it Slowed down? No, I'm thru I slide in Orb like object at the end I spy it More like, dodge it, I intend To try it Cones, or rods It depends I fly in
13 - Issues 04:09
When she was just a little girl, her daddy was so mean, so mean indeed, a demonly seed, and with greed, he convinced her, convinced her at 13, go sell your body, nobody stops him, LIAR, LIAR, lying to the people, daddy, I'm pre-teen, you tell them 18, why would you do this, father, o father, eyes filled with hate, wait, why bother, nothing but dollars, satisfies his black heart, she screams and she hollers, men touch her back parts, filthy hands groping, blouse tore wide open, daddy, he's watching, time, he's clocking, paid by the hour, an hour's forever, men take advantage, dad comes out better, whatever, she does it, her grip on life severed,when will she heal, the answer, IT'S NEVER Hook As the cold autumn rain, drops down and brings darkness, he creeps in the corners, a thin shirt adorns him, they told him, 'Don't fail', cause he owes them big time, they thought he was inclined, to do what they said, instead, he fled, with millions in product, and soon the goons spot him, they promised him death, and now, he's frantic, regretting his antics, they burned down his house, his family's dead, he's wed to this life, on the outskirts of decent, the compost of civil, society's trash, and brash, were his action, and now his infractions, have summoned reaction, that will cost him HIS ASS hook bridge hook


2nd EP released by XoC... Marked Improvement over the first EP... Please download and enjoy ;-D


released October 25, 2010


all rights reserved



XoC Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC's #1 Nerdcore Artist!!

Making music about topics as obscure as a photon of light traveling across the universe to to feeling worthless to having a battle defending his favorite snack pop-tarts vs toaster strudels to living with a dead bedroom to having a showdown with Starscream and Optimus Prime to being shot by his stepdad to recounting the revolution in his home country of Haiti ... more

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