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VPC 3 - 2014 Tracks

by XoC and Milk Plus

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(Starscream) So it's me, the mighty Starscream, I keep my sensors scanning, in pursuit, I'm hunting Optimus Prime, he's on this planet, place infested with the stink of disposable little fleshlings, 6 feet tall, soft and brittle, they're offering him protection, but their weapons, seeming weaker than water, are ineffective, I've detected, then erected blockades in their direction, no bother, cause whatever they send, goes sayonara, say goodbye, cause you're feeble and weak, my weapons slaughter, indiscriminate, I live in it, take my time, no hurry, as they detonate, and kill em in hordes, my bombs will decimate, and demonstrate that messing with me, can surely devastate, I'll dedicate the time that it takes, don't underestimate (Optimus Prime) I am Optimus, leader of all the free autonomous, mechanical purveyors of hope to your metropolis, and stopping this destruction, reduction facing your populace, is topping this desire required to be anonymous, a million years of dormancy, now, my sensors activating, aiding and abetting my gears and servos, masticating, grinding down and spinning, my power levels are allocating, waiting while my weapons recharge, before I'm advocating, wiping out Decepticon presence, my mission fascinating, scientists, relying on me, they're now eradicated, waiting here a mighty long time, was stuck in stasis, makes this horrible for me to digest, with all these wasted faces, racing as I do against time, as nanites crawl my body, tracing down, regenerate, chasing away the endless groggy, booting up my presence in stages, as ones and zero status, flashes, dashes, binary code, it's time to stop this madness (Starscream) You wanna battle me, Optimus prime, recharge your battery, cause after me, there'll be no discussion, you'll be a casualty, see, you were busy snoozing, we're cruising into this casually, collecting all the energon cubes from all the galaxies, see actually, your autobots seeing you as their majesty's, a fallacy, and I will destroy this planet rapidly, a travesty you'll witness me slowly unfurl your tapestry and soon you will return to your stasis, this ending tragically (Optimus Prime) Starscream, there is no destroying me, I am the embodiment of cybertron, your threats are just annoying me, now you wanna toy with me, play with me, say that we, have a major battle, but for you, that's ending fatally, we can end this gracefully, tastefully, or we can have Omega take your body, rip you into pieces painfully, my autobots are patiently, faithfully, waiting on instructions from their leader, just one signal, and you're history
Damn I want a 2600, real badly, I tried to talk to mom, but then she got me really mad, she got her ass to drinking on the sofa, she was wasted, half a yak of jack, was on the table, damn, I hate it, always fucking drinking, how the hell, where's the money from? the rent is way behind, it ain't the welfare that it's coming from, it prolly ain't the liquor store, they told me that your credit's done, last time you went, they almost shot you with a pellet gun. Lemme go check, oh no, mom you robbed me, I had a piggy bank full of quarters, now it gone, see I was saving for a system, a 2600, Atari plus a game that those quarters would of funded, it took me several weeks, packing items at the grocery, now all my dough ain't the fuck where it supposed to be, and now you're pissy drunk, about to hurl on the upholstery, I'm bout to lose my shit, and I don't think you even noticed me Damn I wanna a 2600, real badly X4 I can't believe this shit, wtf am I supposed to do, she drank away my money, like my efforts were disposable, snoring on the couch, pissy smell was unapproachable, vomit all around, damn her actions uncontrollable, lemme just go, go outside and make some sense of this, she's always fucking up, there ain't no sense in me defending this, I might as well forget it, spin my brain into inventiveness, and figure out a way, or ima end up just resenting shit, just a nerdy teen, I know we're poor, but I don't sweat it tho, since a little kid I found a million ways to get the dough, a lot of bad mistakes and bad decisions, need to let it go, had the type of life I'm soon to find is unforgettable, outside in a daze, deep in thought, like I'm a vegetable, stupid fucken cold, just a sweater, quite unbearable, here come skinny Shaun, puffy jacket, looking skeletal, a smile across his face, he must've felt, I looked susceptible Now Shaun the type of kid, have a hustle every day and nite, he never be in school, it's a wonder he can read and write, he got a proposition, walks me over to the corner store, bought himself some fries, if you want some, you can order more, I know you need some money, take this packet to the corridor, my man will meet you there, give him 50, not a quarter more, he hands you any trouble, slash this blade across his jugular, you bring me back my product, and you won't have no problems bugging ya (Skit) Damn man, my day is going terribly, I thought I'd get a game, but now my head, it hurts unbearably, bleeding from the nose, I need attention, maybe medically, I shoulda took my loss, looking back on that regrettably, stupid fuking kid, I'm never checking for discrepancies, I get back to the house, I hear yelling, loud, incessantly, running thru the door, what's the matter, what the message be, my stepdad slipped in vomit, broke his collarbone impeccably
Well, you can call me XoC, I need you to sit next to me, you and I can share a glass of wine, down a bottle, now we feeling fine, take a toke, you know we both grown, puff it, pass it, now leave it alone, feeling good, look you in ya eyes, staring deep, it's like we're hypnotized, thighs right, now I'm mesmerized, the curves tight, that I memorized, on point, like you exercise, lips touch, then we're energized, kisses soft, and exploratory, tongue is tracing out your aura for me, fingers softly move across your skin, feel the tingle, now I draw you in, Girl, let me show me show you how we do tonite, girl, let me show you how we do it right X2 Now my kisses tracing down your neck, you turn to jello, each and every peck, you start to moan, and now I know it's on, we in the zone and now my focus strong, you take clothes off, you're gorgeous girl, i kiss your skin, damn you're flawless, girl, breasts are soft, nipples hard as rock, I bite a little, then I bite a lot, you push me down, kiss you on the navel, you push me further, teasing, being playful, on top of g-string, I'll lick the flower, your eyes are rolling cause you feel the power, i hope you know, I'll probably be an hour, just say my name, baby scream it louder, remove the g-string, I kiss your lips, and taste the sweetness while you work your hips I love it down here, baby watch me work, you feel my tongue soft baby make your body jerk, I feel your breathing change, heart beating, pumping hard, start speaking, nope not a single word, it's absurd, baby, squeal it out, it's all in your mental, gotta feel it out, stick two fingers in, kegels got ya doing tight grips, i got you in a zone, with your fine lips, i find this, to be the nirvana, feel the buildup, skilled at this, delivering my swerve on ya, gotta keep it going, keep it going on, baby won't stop, feel it coming on, make ya climb higher, burn the bonfire, scream my name louder, pull my hair harder, scratch my back deeper, feel your legs weaker, keep it coming strong, soon it's coming on, start to feel the shaking, there is no mistaking, damn it's motivating, you can do it baby, come on, no more waiting


5 tracks from VPC3 2014


released April 17, 2015


all rights reserved



XoC Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC's #1 Nerdcore Artist!!

Making music about topics as obscure as a photon of light traveling across the universe to to feeling worthless to having a battle defending his favorite snack pop-tarts vs toaster strudels to living with a dead bedroom to having a showdown with Starscream and Optimus Prime to being shot by his stepdad to recounting the revolution in his home country of Haiti ... more

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