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VPC 6 - 2019

by xo+

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The meme, the maymay, the meemee, the mehmee, has taken over all of the world, and then there's plenty, to use when you have to project, every, or any, thoughts, feelings, random emotions, there is so many, its gotten pretty crazy, and this shit's amazing, the way this built and took it all over, and now its phased in and raising, a kid in this world, there will be days when, you gotta put a foot to that ass, and never cave in, those kids, they will take that emotion, and put a day in, trying to get the feeling in memes, they get a say in, the spread and the stretch of that meme, and get to say when, that meme, will no longer be used, that happens day in, and day out, every few seconds, another plays out, viral is the aim of this game, that's all its a-bout, trying to be the greatest memelord, the dankest name out, another gonna soon be on top, and you'll be phased out So you see, it was Me and the Boys, we gone to Jupiter, the ship went and crashed on the moon, so now were stupider, Bad Luck Brian was there, talking to Lucifer, he traded in his soul for a girl, but now he's thru with her, that dirtball, Scumbag Steve was wreaking havoc, sending little gifts to his Girl, they're filled with maggots, his Girl, she's a bit of a problem, she's really clingy, soft, Overly Attached, one night, she cut his thingy off, the last Boyfriend, she dumped him, he was Distracted, checking out a chick in her face, she then attacked him, he told her that she needed to stop overreacting, she turned around and got herself pregnant and then she trapped him, this Grumpy Cat will probably say no to Ancient Aliens, while Gladiators asking if this is entertaining them, the Tide Pod eating and Ice Buckets was failing them, intelligence has now left the building, with Thomas trailing em
I'm out in the nighttime shivering, riding in the rain with a package I'm delivering, deserted-ass house in the creepy streets of Riverton, everybody says, don't go, or you'll probably never live again, wtf is wrong with you, why would you go to the house, where ya mama, she was slaughtered right in front of you, but me, I didn't listen, I was doing what I wanna do, trying to find an object from my past, it's important so, off on my way, following what the informant wrote, soon, I arrive, there's a kitty there, adorable, cat runs off, follow him, I find a door that's broke, get into the house, the conditions there, deplorable, creeping thru the muck, fuck, I'm searching for the bedroom, step in something wet, damn, it's smelling like a cesspool, water getting deeper, shit like this is meant to test you, but it aint stopping me, you can save that for the next fool When I think about the past, in this house where they deserted us, I think about the times when their actions disconcerted us, I think back to the moments every day when he was hurting us, and all the times my mama didn't think to be concerned with us, he'd beat us all the time, never giving us a reason, a motive, a cause, every day was beating season, he'd ease in, drunker than a fuck, already peed in, his pants, swinging blows, like he don't know the hurt he's leaving, he's thieving, conniving, has the devil in his eyes and no emotions, 'cept for token ones, he used when he deprived us, the night he beat my mama, til her eyes were staring lifeless, he made us help him bury her and laughed like he was Isis Hook Don't return to your childhood home, let the ghosts there wander, leave the memories alone, so the next time you dreaming bout the memories of home, just remember that those memories, were sad and alone So I'm finally in the room, my brother told me bout a wall, where the bricks look shifted, if you push one, it will fall, there's a room built behind it, said he built it really small, put your hand inside the opening, you're looking for a ball,I think I feel it!, I press it and the wall opens clearly, also, I hear a cough that's sounding like its near me, crawling over there, undernourished, like severely, I see the man who took my mom away, he seems to fear me! pitiful to see, but it gives me satisfaction, my brother musta put him in this hole, like somewhere back when, the incident had happened, the night that he attacked him, and beat em really bloody, with a pipe, I saw he cracked him, the last time we seen him was that night, my brother dragged him out, put em in the truck, never questions on his whereabouts, my brother sent me here with a package ima empty out, I pour it in the hole, Sulfuric Acid? OH SHIT, I'M OUT!!
As I travel thru this everlasting realm with speed and ease, I get to battle thru while never catching L's, so read and weep, you must be kidding me, it shouldn't be, so hard to get to me, I get to breathe, I get to eat, I'm left to be and then I leave, unfathomable, so try to parry this, you filthy casual, it's me who wrote the manual, your actions here are laughable, intangible, my size alone is known as indescribable, my presence undeniable, example of the guy I'm who, I'm pliable and malleable, slide in and take a tally of who, grab me a bunch of denizens, then they become my variables, I'm known as the master of disaster when it comes to battling net kids, getting accepted, highly respected, shattering records, cause me and my compatriot, can surely take the cake a lot, we make a lot of hits, legitimately make you shake a lot, a mandelbrot begots complexities beyond the standard lot, the brand is hot, raining fire down upon your vantage spot. So this, ima take trip, like off the beaten path, I'll beat you bad, like you were glass, I know its crass, but kiss my ass, it's quite enjoyable to see you in my concubine, and you'll enjoy the sound of me for like the longest time, you know that milk was a popular drink, and now it still is, but Milk Plus, a master at play, he'll hurt your feelings, and X-Man, he's sort of a dick, but quite endearing, together they are here to destroy, and make a killing, the best part about us two, is that we're not you, the rest stick around like glue, it's not about you, a mess, y'all need sound like new, and yo, we got you, but bless what we was fitna do, we running around you Hook so clowns, witness our profound, sound, weighing on your brain, like a half a million pounds, we never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death, brother, and while you were sleeping, I was at third base, with ya stepmother, first things first, man, ya fucking with the worst, I be sticking pins, everywhere, until it fuken hurts, silence is the method that a 'G' will use to propagate, avoid lasagna plates, or else a doctors gonna operate, disrespectful fools, you will learn you shouldn't tolerate, demonstrate a facet of your skill, and they will celebrate, denigrate, or ostracize, they will call you monster thighs, bubble eyes, peanut head, and maybe even meaner things, those bastards on the internet, there's what, there's like 15 of them, my wife, she went and left with one of them, what did she see in him???
Bars! 01:38
Hey y'all, it's me, the XoC-illian, I'm riding on this beat because it's feeling like it's a billion, but me, I feel the million times that I caught wreck, step in from the shadows and y'all mad because I got press, neck undulating like y'all came from the Loch Ness, these dumb fuckers, told em, yo, you need to stop this, I got this, you think that I was chillin here anonymous, no, dum dummy, I'm exalted here with honors kid, you just came, on the breeze like you the higher man, I remain the one that will destroy like a leviathan, force you to retire man, plus you'll never try again, cause when I said destroy, I meant destruction, like entirely, stupid motherfuckers, it was me who wrote the diary, detailed the steps, you should of kept a fuken eye on me, but y'all didn't do, y'all let it slip in its entirety, now y'all decide, that y'all should probably come and try with me, I'm not giving in, while you decide how you could tire me, I only have the time to decimate what you were tryin to be, tumble your economy, separate your family, I will break you down because you're nothing but a stan to me, swimming with insanity, I control my sanity, trying to make me crumble, nevermind the inhumanity, took a look around, saw the glory and the vanity, 'Is he going down?' FUCK NO! that's not the plan for me
Stop Running 02:47
So I got me a girl, I call her baby, maybe making matrimony thoughts about this lady, made me say she's opposite of everything that's shady, capacity for happiness, her sassiness, amazed me, and dazed me, took me to my limits, then I crossed em, now I'm steady thinking, you are so fuken awesome, babycakes, maybe makes me take my guard down, scarred now, many times, but I am not appalled now, anyhow, crazy all the ways that I love thee, girl, I would never put another one above thee, with simplicity, as this will be the last one, never do I wish to be entangled like the past ones, never... ever, ya hear me, apparent how you feel me, I know that you can tell from all love that I'm revealing, appealing, your mindset, I love it when my mind gets... enraptured, I want to say I do, forever after... So, Valentine's day mad special, met you on the humble, and now I never will forget you, you stepped into my life and it's been changing for the better, intertwining of personas, no more dramas, we'll endeavor, to climb up on the mountain, move it up another level, neither one of us inhibited, unlimited our pleasure, and measure the addiction to connection, that's a sure bet, the future filled with many different moments, we'll explore it, endure it, ensure the love is better than we ever could imagine, cause ever since we've met, the crazy moments we were having, have burned into my conscious, like a fire breathing dragon, cause you and I, the passion is reactive, Yes baby bring it, on the mountaintop I sing it, steady lingering, the sweetness of your voice is now diminishing and finishing my walls and all the heartache I was swimming in and now I wanna feel your love and live again
Diaspora 03:03
Pull up in a dumpster fire with nine uncles I’m the bad bitch that come from Sri Lanka Perehera mask with the devil entendre. Monsoon rain witha hella long thunder saffron skin, saffron skin, Fresco face paint, rock face chin All hair everywhere, silk road spin. Ayo, chee, what the cat dragged in. british and portugese, dutch and some moors Fortresses, colonies, embassies, war. Suicide bombers & genocide laws. Rulers got ruined and scatter the shores. People get crushed like a maloong for it. And An analog for it be like tearing down the forest And then planting more salt for the animals to forage in And marinade in a vain bid for some nourishment. I’m in the tea and the spice on the rack, I make a fee, i get 25 lakh I hit the poya with tree in the sack. That’s my colonial beef in the pack. Sudha get ominous chill in the spine Human condition got me in a bind Over tradition and visions of british devisions decisions and lines. Diaspora, shattered vast and raw Colonial collateral, the last to draw Empires built by our backs at cost All for cash our past been fractured, lost Diaspora, gathered fast and broad Surviving and thriving while castles fall Culture constructed by our passioned thoughts No caste, no class will outlast us, nah! Expelled like whoa Judea to Germany, Russia from Rome Keep tryna wipe us out, but you know they can't help, but let my, people go They try and pass us off as an afterthought we blast off last thought better latch the locks and that false, they demonized the whole damn crew, Turned us into scapegoats—yeah they stole that, too Displaced and dispossessed Got misassimilated in the distance west Found a new home on Duwamish land covered up and filled in by the colonist's hand They killed the lagoon, neglected crops, banned camps from the city and elected cops. Give the people a rest like three Shabbats, Let's honor ט״ו בשבט like Chief Siʔaɫ Diaspora, shattered vast and raw Colonial collateral, the last to draw Empires built by our backs at cost All for cash our past been fractured, lost Diaspora, gathered fast and broad Surviving and thriving while castles fall Culture constructed by our passioned thoughts No caste, no class will outlast us, nah! Toussaint Louverture, sunshines upon you, you shown what you do, you've made the streets move, we're free because you, you rose and they knew, fought hard as it grew, you told them it's thru, 1791 it started, 2 years later, slavery abolished! Y'all fought thru, many French troops, demolished! Get 'em back for plenty actions demonic, Napolean swore that he had the upper hand, didn't count on slaves to betray 'em, it's puzzling, practicing religions that were taught in the motherland, worshiping a God, helped em out with the suffering, WE WIN!! That's it, Haiti freer than jaybirds, population singing, French troops they tapered, Bonaparte hating, his plans went wayward, 1804, we destroyed the invaders The Haitian Revolution of 1791, led by General Toussaint Louverature, was the only successful slave uprising in modern history. Napoleon sent his best troops. Toussaint was tricked, then imprisoned in France, where he died in 1803. His lieutenants continued the fight. New year's day, 1804 the Independent Republic of Haiti was born Diaspora, shattered vast and raw Colonial collateral, the last to draw Empires built by our backs at cost All for cash our past been fractured, lost Diaspora, gathered fast and broad Surviving and thriving while castles fall Culture constructed by our passioned thoughts No caste, no class will outlast us, nah!


Our round entries for VPC 6


released May 22, 2020

XoC and Milk Plus


all rights reserved



XoC Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC's #1 Nerdcore Artist!!

Making music about topics as obscure as a photon of light traveling across the universe to to feeling worthless to having a battle defending his favorite snack pop-tarts vs toaster strudels to living with a dead bedroom to having a showdown with Starscream and Optimus Prime to being shot by his stepdad to recounting the revolution in his home country of Haiti ... more

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