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Divergent Timelines : Darker Paths - 2012

by XoC

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Look into my eyes, read the history, just lost my house, crashed my car, plus my boss is fukin pissed at me, life goals, amble and procrastinate persistently, late for the office, which I tend to do consistently, boss flipping out, yo X, I need consistency, but punctuality is not your thing, so you're dismissed from me, I wish I could describe how this worthless ass existence be, wish that I could tell you why I view the world so distantly, but I can't, nor can I describe the gaping apathy, that permeates my core, from my dome down to the back of me, in fact you see, days I had the system keeping track of me, were memories of days away from enemies attacking me, and actually, lemme be succinct and fukin frank with you, I became aware and then I clambered to get back into, the embryonic cavern that had coddled me so blissfully, why the hell I couldn't stay in there, a fukin mystery, now I'm here, commandeer and activate the teleport, send me to a time and place my stupid ass was never born, life is not the worst, but I find I'm getting hella bored, no inclination to succeed and plus I never score, basketball, baseball, slapping balls on sexy chicks, rejection is the subject of the messages and the texts I get, why the heck you think that I adopt the stance of pessimist, see me out there pissed and I suggest you do not mess with this, cause I'll react, angry bastard bashing out your cataracts, mashing out existence with persistence and a bat attack, damn I have the tendency to lash, and then get mad at that, but after that, back I go to sulk inside my habitat 
(Wyr) The only time I feel fine is with vodka and juice Otherwise I feel shitty like droppin' a duece Inebriation keeps me feelin' better, awkward and loose The stress an' depression got me coppin' a boost Got me wantin' a noose, or a lovely Lucy Liu Lonely fucker at a dance in an ugly two-piece suit The mission is ambitionless shit mixed with bitchin' that chickens don't listen or miss him, sit wishin' for a spliff and a miss who's big in the tits to thicken the mist and get on the nis but that shit is a wish cuz this kid is a dick An elitist piece of shit who don't fit in the clique Low self-esteem from shit that happened to pass Sippin' whiskey 'til I'm tipsy with that crap in my glass Fuck it. Whatever. I'll go back to my class and bitch a bit more, bitter 'bout my lack of a lass (Wattsworth) Now I could count to high heaven all the trouble that I been through situations where my spirit struggled against soft sinew or the opposite, opportunities wasted while eating lotus never dressing better than a bum, cuz who would notice? all i craved was attention, but I was too meek to earn it made the change to introspection, and saw myself under the surface saw myself for who i was, saw the things that i hated I became my own bully, cynicle and jaded. And so it went, days turned to months turned to years turned to friends turned to peers, turned to babbling bout my fears till they all turned away, save one with the patience to put up, made my days brighter so i finally stood up her encouragement blurring the hate that kept me blind stirring up pride, assuring me i was fine and so i  keep moving forward, i keep my head high for myself and for my friends who picked me up so i could try (XoC) Staring off the edge of my mind, a dark infinity, I'm trying to get the blur to just focus, the shit is killing me, the situation feeling real hopeless, in my vicinity, are pills and a bottle of gin, to end the misery, a trinity of crazy events, has brought the onset, of situations making no sense, and shit my mom said, is haunting, I'm feeling rejected and so unwanted, I reminisce on days I was poor and I was taunted, it's nonsense, I tried to move on, like it was harmless, the mind is a powerful thing, conflicted psyche, excitedly, I thought I could do it, pretend I might be, normal, but there's no such thing, the end is likely, cause life needs to comes to a point, a resolution, cessation of the drama, tribulations at conclusion, as life wasn't really lived here, it's an illusion, I wandered thru the streets of my mind, endless confusion 
Slime trails left across the surface, the purpose, who knows, who cares? It's there, traverse it, ooze bubbles up from green matter, or rather it's a substance which itself can melt lead, one wrong move and I'm dead, so instead, find a way around, climb down, underground, change position, my mission, unlawful, several steps away from my destruction, lest I'm thoughtful, it's awful, my fate is intertwined, like vines creeping up an old structure, it wasn't by design, in time, my face will be forgotten, this planet here reeks of something rotten, sent here, probably wouldn't of went here, traveled across the galaxy, years for me to get here, upset there's, no liquid water to ingest here, best fear, death by the dearth of oxygen, this ain't the best air, not here to visit or to stay, I'm just gon' rest here, damn a mission make you feel manly, chest hair, and this freaking mission went badly, yes there's madness, cracks the precipice of sanity, eggshells, breaking down, I'm battling depravity, exhale, I start to lose my grip upon reality, wrap peeled, it permeates my every nook and cavity, cracks filled ..... And cracks still, form in the corners of my vision, black fills, didn't see it creep into position, cat skills, quietly it pumps its deadly venom, back chills, bones liquify inside the muscle, plaque spills, body wants to pitch a fit and tussle, death reaches, claim a worthless life upon this planet, breath ceases…
(XoC) I am a Flatland inhabitant, dimensions more than two, I am not having it, you beings who are from the third, are just like savages, time pumps another plane for us to have a history, a present, and a future that is cloaked in mystery, this'll be, the third time it's happened just this week freaks!!!! we've gotten really sick of your shenanigans, blobs disappear and reappear, like floating mannequins, in your third dimension, at attention we are standing in, we're here to bring you war, all of my constituents, promised me blood from you degenerates and insolents, we're not gonna leave til the walls and floors are glistening, bloody red, dead Spacelanders' we'll eviscerate, you don't know the half of happiness that fuckin this'll make, or the time and effort we've prepared for proper victories, sick of all you rude dudes, all contradictory, step thru our land, no guessing your trajectories, never quite know how bad that it will get to be, or if a blob stops a Flatlanders' destiny, poor little hexagon Tom walking down to the market, got altered in a flash, left a mess to clean, Susie E. Needle be the one who confessed to seeing Ian get squashed in an crossing of dimensions, rip thru an opening, hoping it stops, quick shock, it locks all the residents attentions Hook (Klopfenpop) You think this is just about you disks? I gotta enlighten you, be writing that bullshit you just spit, cause we don't mean no harm by it, fuk man, I'm just trying to get to work and shit, yeah we try our damnedest not to hit you freaks, but y'all world sitting stretched across our streets, gotta get thru one way or another, if I gotta hit a brother, then I gotta hit a brother, it ain't like y'all got much to live for, two dimensions? Y'all know there's like one more right? But y'all savages trying to start a fight, trying to bite the hand that showed you the light, the almighty third dimension, depth, y'all disrespect and better watch your step, cause we know it's just dimensional envy, y'all just wish that you could be where we be, and fully realize dimensionality, space, the final frontier, if only you were as enlightened as us, you simpletons wouldn't even be here, talking shit, and bark and spit, y'all trying to bitch about reality when y'all don't even comprehend it, go back to your tabletop man, I don't wanna get dirty, so I ain't even gonna shake your hand Hook (Ranger) All you spheres and cubes, I gotta sneer at you, and you circles and squares, you can hear this too, this is the voice of a fourth dimensional visitor, telling listeners, stars are prisms of prisoners, moving left and right, and moving forward and back, you be sure to cite, your perception's wack, you think we're impressed that you know up and down, while we're hanging in the fourth, just fucking around, from where I reside, I can see right inside you, ain't no where to hide, you lesser beings been lied to, your leaders been leading you to believe that there's no more, than what you can see, two or three, but I know four, I'd show y'all, but ya gotta open your minds, forget what ya know, so you can cope when you find it, I picked you as the prophet for your people, ya lucked out, see the fourth, you asking bout five? Get the fuck out!! Hook
As I lay in this hospital bed, I'm almost dead, hear the doctor telling someone its bad, maybe my dad, my dad? what dad? he died a long time ago, stepfather wouldn't appear, he fukin did it!! and hid it, told me tell em it was a stray, uh-huh you evil bastard, whatever you say, I've covered all the times that you hurt us and play, like... you didn't mean to, you're really not evil... mama seems to be on your side, cause she believes you, needs you, know that we don't, because you're see thru, we knew, from day one, not to trust things, your ways and actions so fuked up and it's disgusting, we're getting really sick of all the violence, you drunk, your anger as the catalyst for living in junk, this is the last straw, if I live, I'll confront, your actions and if necessary, get them to end Hook Layin in the hospital bed, I'm almost dead, bastard shot and caught me square in my back, two in my leg, if I live, its the end of this crap, pull up my bootstraps, this ain't the life for a kid, I want my youth back x2 Doctor's back with the end of a tube, he sticks it in, put it straight in the tip of my penis, said it's preventative, damn doc, this shit hurts, I need a sedative, knock me out, do what ya must, just leave me sleeping... ((no patient, need you alert, procedure risky, back in the day, you were hurt, they gave you whiskey, complications can crop in, you know a lot of patients can't walk when, the bullet travels and it paralyzes, analyze, you're only 16 and you can agonize, but this bullet needs to come out, before it maims you, changes you, makes you a plant, immobile vegetable, incredible that you can still move, let's help you keep that)) I see that doc, your talent, I'm gonna need that, cause right now I'm feeling so weak, think ima pass out, head spinning, feeling real cold, I'm fading fast now, the wind getting knocked out my sails, who let the gas out Hook So my recovery was speedy, I guess them good folks up in heaven didn't need me, the reaper didn't see me, and briefly, thoughts of death convinced me it'd be easy, but no, hell no, give in to that criminal, shot at me with nary a care, incomprehensible, a long line of pain he inflicts, reprehensible, I need to put and end to this dick, sounds sensible, yeah, it does sounds sensible, shit, I think I might do it, back at the house, no words, like nothing happened, no one came to visit or called, ha I'm laughing, a comedy, maybe a tragedy, what saddens me, is everyone settles for this, this fuckin fallacy, but no more, no more pain behind the closed door, no more watching mama get beat until her nose pours, bloodshed will come to an end, I am the alpha my friend, I heard it said to understand in the end, you must become similar to what you dread about him, go in that room and make him suffer way you suffered for years
(ET ) Hand over all of the loot, yo, don't get me in a lather and I won't have to shoot, keep on beating your gums and ima give you boot, see, have ya balled up while I ankle it down the street, give you the heeb-jeebs when you see me, I'm the bees-knees, bimbo bopping big cheese, I do what I please, crime spree from the west to the east, get more radio play, then the wave or play disease, hear the sirens blaring so I get my wiggle on, gargle giggle water til my fear is gone, try to bump me off but they can't, cause I'm too smart, coppers wanna catch me, but I'm out before the chase starts, in my race car, Cadillac Python, got my cheaters on while I get my rocks off, try to keep up, on my up and up, but they can't, holla on the lam, only sleep when I can, wanna bring me in alive, but that ain't happening, ain't the type of man I am, gotta make my last stand, price on my head, tell you what I swear, try to pin me down and ima let that tommy blare ---- (XoC) Alright see, lemme tell you little something bout this outlaw, quick with the cock, draw, silver toolie, left hand, he was a southpaw, mouth or jaw diced, knife fight, struggling for his life right, got sliced at night, man he robbed sure put up a nice fight, see I'm the fuzz and what I does is get guy like that put away, not just for a rainy day, but more like watch him drain away, under the jail, where the smell can gel a guys will, bring him down, shriveled, dry husk of a man, that's quite ill, Tuskegee Sam, wildest outlaw in ages, agents on my team have tracked him, days and days and, no getaway, he holed up in this old barn, on a farm, heavily armed, tucked away from the criminal element, but that's irrelevant, decrepit residence, we approach, arms at the ready, Tommy gun by my side, I creep in slow as I hold it steady, enemy mine, fine, the man is slime, been waiting for this day a long time, crime sprees and robberies cease, that the plan after this man is deceased, peace reigns, is what I'm saying and I go down in history as the bull who single handedly put him away, public menace meets his end in a blaze of gunfire, in an small town, headlines read, pictures of me and I'm not smiling, violent end and we pretend that we all have it under control, and stroll off casually, but still knowing there still more work to be done
Welcome everybody, it's the new world order where they slaughter men and women and they tell you it's for freedom!! Take a son and a daughter, start to strip em of a soul, then they go til you defeat them, keep em guessing who to fight, in a fight, so brutal and bizarre, that has now generated hatred towards the actions of the far left, far right, who cares!!! People act quite violent as a race, it has been, thru the ages, far back, tar pit times, people raging, might a caught an attitude, get pissed off, shit starts, and they snap at you, grab a loose rock, tap ya skull then they turn around and lol and laugh at you, crack a brew, then they move on, while you fester in pain and the thoughts, that the world is a mother, hope a meteor would come along and crash into, you bastards you Hook Hope you liars catch on fire, all these gotdam years to retire, SS checks probably come when I expire, too bad that I'm preaching to the choir, LIARS!!, they told me that America was higher, the bloodsucking government is worse than vampires, they drag us into wars, bore deep in quagmires, entire populations flame up like bonfires, convictions, damn cells crowded in the prisons, people team up, choose sides and ammunition, afflictions, people taking pills for their addictions, and not realize the contradiction, its sickening, sex, drugs and murder populate the television, broadcasters casting out depictions of fiction, what's the big story of the day, tantalize and surprise, silly sheeple are the worst, shrug their shoulders, and they buy it Hook It's important that we all keep strong, life not long for us, uncool, silly fools, rule things and ignore us, so porous, little life breeds, estimated life expectancy, rests at three, maybe four, short quarter centuries, then we're knee deep, try six feet deep, reaper will dig them victims, blunt homicide, ostracized til you hanging from a necktie, million ways to die, choose one or lose one, two ton vehicles kill, think he's not drinking, he secretly will, and mow down, lowdown denizens, better men, anyone crossing that black pavement, getting it, bones broke, no joke, you could be anywhere, when ya croak, life clings while the universe spins, big things, little things, every thing has an end,  cemeteries gonna bury anything the hearse brings
Ayo, have ya ever stopped to think about why, everything in our universe is destined to die, little microbes say goodbye in the blink of an eye, to large stars starring in the big explosion of life, it's causality, atoms bounce and rearrange as rapidly, as atoms be, popping in and out the crevice of time, strings shake, undulate, and make fate, take long routes, branching passively, permeates reality, but what is reality? awareness of existence that a organism forms from it senses and it's faculty? As far as it's concerned, it's summation is totality, and shared hallucinations conjure artificiality Uh oh Every action, new universe born, probabilities are played as the fabric is torn, multiverses bubble up, each choice facilitates and leads to a double up, time splits, and shifts in a blink, every atom, every molecule, appears and then it follows the illogical, progression chronological, a lotta you are wondering what keeps the biological inhabiting the structures that are formed when conditions agree, don't you see it's beyond our comprehension, not to mention understanding might destroy the mind expansion that this whole crazy planning and enchantment that is present when we stop and open mind to the notion that this might be a dream
Dear twin, I know we've seen so much, we came up crazy poor cause, ghetto ass living, was so fucked, we didn't have a freaking pot to piss in, no shoes, no clothes, no food in the kitchen, I know you probably wish it was different, mama and papa mad drunk, they never really listened, we wishing, Christmas didn't miss or dismiss us, someone kiss us, show us some love and affection, rejection, birthdays hard, OMG! Do you remember pissy Larry promised presents? Our dumb ass let em, have us believe that we would get em, but damn, he's deceiving, we waited at his door til the evening, he never showed up, what a big disappointment, he promised us a presents for our birthday enjoyment, our mama and our poppa had no kind of employment, this rainy day living's gonna kill us, back then we're filled with, anger, resentment plus the hopeless instilled in, our ever pore, fiber, we were just little children, we tried to make the best of what our parents had given, but really, they ain't give us that much... Hook Not all were the days of ass times, we went thru land mines, bad crimes, mad grime, even glad times. No damn toys, we invented our own, learned origami, soon our notebook was gone, cardboard box became a fort in the closet, when they would get to screaming, we would hide there and lock it, we scouted thru our neighborhood,  church cheese, free lunch, they were good, crackheads skeed up, dope boys re'd up, and as kids, we stayed geeked up, challenges between us, kept the brains fresh, there was  no one that could beat us, wanna know why? that was because, IQ's higher than the temperature of Venus, wait a minute, that high? Nah maybe not, let me stop, all I know, intelligence was certified genius, but that never got us anything beyond degrees plus, the world treated us colder than the ground that was beneath us Hook We older now, life for us, a little less colder now, working hard, got our own lives, the drama toning down, told me you was gon' take a trip to Haiti, and maybe, visit the home, we last seen as babies, mama brought us there, that was sometime in the eighties, took us to see her childhood home, you said that you were dying to see the grounds where that child once roamed, happiness became amiss once that child got grown, alright cool, holla at me when you get back, I'll come and visit, we could shoot the shit while you unpack, you could tell me all the people, places, things like that, never thought that this would be the last time, never thought that it was over when I hung up that line, never thought my twin sister who I cherished would die, got the news of an earthquake and I frantically called, I called back til the tears made me hang up the phone, the heartache even worse then when mama had died, all the pain, all the tears that we bottled inside, gotdam you could of planned this trip, some other time... Hook
Ayo, I'm so gifted and smooth, you'll get addicted, it's true, the way I do it, got your girl want me sticking it thru, you got no clue what I'm fitting to do, pay attention dumb fool, x be spitting the truth, True!! I'll be that asshole like my name was Scott Disick, you hicks don't like it, muthafukers get the dilsnik, X high caliber, the shit I spit is still sick, still quick-witted when I spit it, check the skills kid, rhyme animal, tangible with the mandibles, spit mad flame, and then maim like I'm a cannibal, rip right thru your facade, that's what this man'll do, body you, rotten and stinking, is what I plan to do, so what's the matter dude, what's with the attitude, you wish that you could spit it like this, do what you gotta do, level up your game until your game is infallible, or rather dude, get the fuk out, its looking bad for you


released May 1, 2012


all rights reserved



XoC Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC's #1 Nerdcore Artist!!

Making music about topics as obscure as a photon of light traveling across the universe to to feeling worthless to having a battle defending his favorite snack pop-tarts vs toaster strudels to living with a dead bedroom to having a showdown with Starscream and Optimus Prime to being shot by his stepdad to recounting the revolution in his home country of Haiti ... more

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