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VPC 1 - 2011 Tracks

by XoC and Milk Plus

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On the Run 04:00
Sitting in this cave and now I'm pondering, the days when I was paid and I commanded many slaves, my mind is wandering, I passed my days away in opulence and total dominance, repression drove my crazy rise to prominence, my presence known to leave you feeling cold and something ominous, and honest if I wasn't known as troglodyte Adonis, bionic my propensity for viewing things myopic, it took me down a path where my trajectory was dropping, a coalition formed and came together to try to stop it, we called and warned them it would be better if they would just cease and drop it, Instead they brought war to my capital, the stupid troops of mine, swore the highway was impassable, the threats and tirades laughable, My troops were crazy animals, but even they acquiesce to clear and present danger, life oppressing strangers, we're suppressing anger, and violence, and gun play, keep up with this madness, I'm go savage by next Sunday On the run Dried blood covers my face, on the run, former ruler disgraced On the run I dreamed this day, it would come, but never thought it would be me on the run On the run ...I don't care, cause they can't catch me, I am safe up in here On the run Fuck it, i'll survive up in here, and if they come here, they gon die up in here So I fled, my confidants and generals are dead, their limbs blown off and bloody red, the rubble from my villa coulda spilled upon my head, these fukers out to murder me, their bombs just missed me by a thread, now I'm all concerned with preservation, you want it, now you got it, you can have it, you can take that foul nation, I fought to take it over from complacence, a backwater enema, my 20 man team the foundation, and patience, it took a little while fore I was chillin, the populace was scared, it wasn't hard to play the villain, the brilliant, the five star general, the leader, they gave me an inch and then I fucking took a meter, I'm evil, I'm batshit crazy, demented, I once threw a dude into a barrel, then cemented, one dude, I gutted like a fish in front his family, and thats just a sample of my criminal insanity On the run Dried blood covers my face, on the run, former ruler disgraced On the run I dreamed this day, it would come, but never thought it would be me on the run On the run ...I don't care, cause they can't catch me, I am safe in this lair On the run Fuck it, i'll survive up in here, and if they come here, they gon die up in here Damn, is that a helicopter I fear, I'm not hallucinating, sounds like it's approaching near here, I feel the missiles start ta thump upon the door in the rear, I hear communication, walkie talkie chatter out there, the chatter mixes and it escalates until its a roar, I start to think that it's the end when they get close to my door, I see a blast, and I'm aghast when they point guns in my face, I pull the trigger on a bomb that I had hidden in case, it doesn't work -- then they smash me with the butt of a gun, they drag me out into the brightness of the midday sun, I see my populace who I oppressed and messed with their lives, I feel their hatred manifest itself in thrusts of their knives, I see my childhood flash right in front of my eyes, I feel my life force drain, while the pain multiplies, I hear the cheering and screaming and the tears that they cry, I see the celebrations starting as they leave me to die!!
ButtHurt 03:12
Hey there dude, so you're new to the message board, you swore your track was dope from the minute you pressed record, you posted up a wack track filled it with negatives, the opposite of dope, it knocked us out like a sedative, we barely tolerate it, matter fact we just hated it, the shit was mad corny, so at zero we rated it, you flip out, pissed off, threatening violence, posting back in all caps, stop, you look childish, and cut out all the wild shit, dude, just be silent, the nonsense that you spewing, tends to be your undoing, and now the board is gathering, look he's unravelling, let's poke him with a stick, since he acts like a dick, you think he'd fuken listen, since he won't, we'll just diss him, we tried to give advice, and all it did was unhitch him, he's threatening to leave, wtf, we won't miss him, just make a silly meme, and lol at his bitching Hook Aww shit, this dude done dissed a veteran, this shit gonna hit the fan, half the board gonna be involved, he's gonna need him some excederin, and plus his song was wack, oh lord is this gonna be spectacle, got my popcorn.gif ready, they about to kick in those testicles, pay attention, all the rest of you, we don't diss our hallowed leaders, we respect and revere, or face the wrath of the bottom feeders, aww geez, not this shit again, on this board, a prominent feature, some dumbass stumbles in and he awakens that dominant creature, you dare come at that man, on this board we freakin worship him, pulling arguments out your ass, your situation is worsening, the whole time you try parrying, but you're attacked at every angle, mangled, tossed in a lion's den, derided in this environment, regretting you even attempted it, ass crack chapped, raw dogged without the courtesy or the sentiment, to see if you needed some lubricant, you knew it then, when you started it, that you came with this half-hearted shit, that you was only gonna end up on the receiving end of a big ass bowl of BUTTHURT!!!
The Masters 02:02
Yo, we approach this, cautious, take no losses, gotta show mu'fukers who the bosses, fuck that, this song, straight, no narrative, Milk Plus, Xo, we embarrass kids, no embellishment, just establishing, we came to destroy the establishment, we're bright like stars, while you drab as shit, we write tight bars, while you bastards slip, no denying it, this is what you bastards get, slacking off, while we mutha fukin master' the hits, yo Chadley, biggin' up my boy in the sticks, I can see him kicking up, enjoying this shit, fuken podcast, tripping up, annoying the dicks, as for haters, he don't give a fuck, destroying them pricks, that's my man tho, also all the fans yo, y'all encourage us to be the best, and that's the plan, so, every time you hear us on a track, we bring the A game, lay flames down, better watch it, y'all get waylaid, they say, we may win this shit, and get this payday, but even if we do, we'll still be shopping in the Safeway... --Interlude-- I rhyme fantastic, flows expand past shit, never will you ever forget, this tan bastard, Milk Plus delivers the goods, he brings the ass kick, the moment when you bout to hit play, enthusiastic, and then you feel spastic, yeah, we bombastic, hurricane kicks to the throat, you need a mattress, lay down, or move to the side, we do not play round, we came and got control of this game, you need to stay down, complain were not consoling your pain, but it's ok now, and since I'm bout to fold to this dame, i'll go away now
Yo, last week, you wouldn't believe the shit we went thru, started in that bar on the corner Continental, pounding back shots from the moment that we entered, then staggered off on inebriated ventures, outta there, a lotta stares, we stumble from the building, built-in radar guide the destination-feeling nice!! Then we puffin as we amble to the next joint, drunk as a fuck, you shoulda stopped us at a checkpoint, head spinning hard, never knowing what's the best choice, every time we tipsy, gotta try and bag the next girl, stupid ass cheesin til the moment that the x hurl, projectile vomit, just soakin up that girl dress, wtf is wrong with me, Shiiit!, I'm as pissy as mufucker drank ten shots prolly gonna be, as I nonchalantly, nuzzle with this nympho Nefertiti seeming cutie, I'm negotiating booty Hook So last night, swore again, I wasn't going apeshit, one hour in, I was shitfaced wasted, face bent, turn me with a spatula, I'm pasted, flat on my back and uh, the fuken ceiling's racing, adjacent, dancing with this chick, looking irie, milk does his thing, while this honey gazing my way, hi, hey lady, she seems sorta sideways, she's slurring something serious, so wtf can I say, I must be twisted, soon I'm dancing with that hotness, beer goggles working, cause she's really just a hot mess, tripping on my feet, in my mind, I swear I got this, crash into the speaker, like a drunken fuken ostrich, I really don't care, what they're thinking, to be honest, tomorrow I'ma cry, cause my head is gon' be pounding, astounding, all I see is light, and I think I'm headed ground-ward, someone lose the floor? Cause I think I might of found it Hook Yo Milk, please never let me fuken drink again man, please never tell me when you think you'll have events planned, l don't wanna hear about that party with the strippers, puking up guts as I lean over to tip her, I'm done with the drinking and I promise ima cash out, no more head inside the punch bowl, passed out, never am I hanging out in bars til the last round, and dammit if I'm waking up in alleys with my pants down
Wtf man, you're about to have an aneurism, blood boils, mad twitches, nervous mannerisms, life sucks, so you're switching up the pacifism, fuck that, head shots, Call of Duty, Activision, mad stressed and about to have a breakdown, the problems steady mounting and you're feeling all the weight now, great!, how do-you-suppose you deal with snake-style demons that be deep in your dreams, who'll drag you straight down, and you be seeing em in your nitemares, they're scheming and they're meaning you harm, and they don't fight fair, and they seem to have you quite scared, except they are the manifestation of overripe fears, you pretend that you don't know that, you act so unaware or don't care, your life it holds back, the mind state builds up these beasts and it's a known fact, you prolly gonna deal with this shit until you're old, jack! The Universe wins, rolling sevens, everybody dies, but we all don't go to heaven, we're meant to be adaptable, but maybe we're evolving into creatures whose intent and goal is capital, with motivations terrible x2 Reality is nothing but perception, you have been receiving brainwashing they acheived with deception, why the fuck is no one asking questions? Preoccupied with issues trivial, while the real is deflected, realize that you've been disconnected, you strive to achieve all your goals without exceptions, but if you believe you can do it, it's accomplished to perfection, most of y'all are needing redirection, and lessons, so check it, be wary of the system, its getting pretty scary how we always play the victims, we've had it up to here with the lies and the greed and the manufactured structure that they chose for us to live in, open up your third eye, see prophetic visions, watch us as we catapult our race into extinction, the signs all around us, if we stopped and we looked, we would see, but we whistle on our way to oblivion The Universe wins, rolling sevens, everybody dies, but we all don't go to heaven, we're meant to be adaptable, but maybe we're evolving into creatures whose intent and goal is capital, with motivations terrible


These are tracks that Milk Plus and I created for the Vocalist Producer Competition on Nerdcore Now


released December 16, 2012


all rights reserved



XoC Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC's #1 Nerdcore Artist!!

Making music about topics as obscure as a photon of light traveling across the universe to to feeling worthless to having a battle defending his favorite snack pop-tarts vs toaster strudels to living with a dead bedroom to having a showdown with Starscream and Optimus Prime to being shot by his stepdad to recounting the revolution in his home country of Haiti ... more

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