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Miscellaneous Songs and Collabos 2008​-​2021

by XoC

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Dirty Chick 02:59
So I'm drinkin in this bar, mad late-Little lady to left of me said hi, my name is Kate , Oh Kate, its great meeting you, gave her dap, Kicked the sour for an hour, now I holla for a cab, In the cab-Kate wrapped her fingers round my little man, Innocent shit went straight to the garbage can, Start attacking neck, breast, breath hot and bothered, fondled asscheeks, taximan pissed, caught em trying to sneak a fast peek, , FAST JEEVES!!! finally got us to her crib, threw the taximan a quick tip, Hey Yo Listen dick, Let a fella get his pickle licked quick , Cockblockin fool, stop acting like a nit-wit, I wanna let her wrap them thick lips, round my dipstick, So take you hating ass , Go drive it off a cliff quick Dipshit Slammed his door Stumbled to the girls crib Opened up the door Something almost made me hurl kid Damn..., ever been caught out there with a dirty chick? Looking like dime, though her crib is fuken dirty kid!!! ever been caught out there with a dirty chick? Looking like dime, though her crib is fuken dirty kid!!! Wow, sat on a chair while chick went in the kitchen, fixin up the X a little sandwich Damn bitch, why the house so musty And the fan which is situated just 3 feet above me Blowing chunks of old dust since the days of Dougie Fresh, he did the beatbox lovely! Lucky, I came from dirt But dirt here is nasty WTF is up with with tumbleweed It floated past me While I was thinkin' Girl came from the kitchen carrying a box of something AND she brought a Heineken Hi again X, I apologize I have no more bread, but instead have some dollar fries Dry, but I got em from the corner at Mcdonalds guy Just yesterday, best to say, I end up traumatized Crunch!!!--just bit em Didn't notice what was in em Soon I'm seeing mad roaches at the bottom... spit em Hook So--to the bedroom we retire, sorta tired, but I'm here and I made it thru the obstacles Damn -ima sucka, dumb-ass-mufucker know I probably should abandon, but the pussy got a lotta pull Possible That my train of thought is quite illogical Comical, inebriated actions, and reactions that are strange when confronted with the anatomical, Passable is her body, but her cleanliness is laughable Damn fool, soon as I touch the bed, little fucken critters start to skitter, I can feel em and they bite hard My gosh mutated bugs must've mated with a flea and a chigger, so i figure that the night's off Hey girl, please take your pets, keep your fries, fuck the sex --mannnn this shit here, even I gotta let pass Get past, three piles of garbage as I jet ass, wet grass, slipping on some dog shit, dammmmnnn
Damm, there ya go, you be hatin on my poptarts, cherry filled snack I was warming when ya mouth starts yapping bout them damn dry frozen ass mold growing strudels that be cutting yo esophagus, and you wanna knock on this, pop tarts the bomb kid, no need to worry bout the artificial toxicness, come in 50 flavors, why you seem to find that shocking kid? Lock it in, poptarts better than yo gatdamn, moccasin, shoe-tasting pastry needing a packet worth of frosting, exhausting to just grab a snack and back to napping, it happens that I can grab a packet of the best damn snack, and attack it while I'm blazing up the fat one, infact son, Ima be benevolent and share, reach into the bag right there, not the jelly mints, the bag fool, yeah, take a little taste of heaven, no forgetting it was x who put you on to this, the crap in toaster strudel make you wanna piss, shit, puke, fart, snot, burp, crap out of every orifice, me, I'm getting bored of this, so, I'm about to eat some more of this poptarts, yes it's the world greatest oral fix
Way back when In brooklyn Ride on the B train No AC, plenty hot Its the season Green yellow sign Holy shit What we eatin' Mama would surprise us with a litte trip to nathans Coney island Yeah that one Home of the hotdog Contest fat fucks and skinny fucks Got on Nonsense and call themselves Empowering a nonsensical Left ventricle explodes Lungs are cowering Hotdogs swallowed in And they're still devouring Mouth all pasty Little water is allowing things To go down easy Till the judges starts the tallying With mustard splattered Who's the winner The Italian
Lost 01:47
So my girl and I, went into the mountains, scouting, looking for a campground, shouting Yelling We were arguing Starring in The worst spat ever known to man It was caustic land, The first and last time she makes a plan And I follow it, Hollering 'Bitch you got us lost!' Sky was darkening Shadows growing long again Just then Something made a noise It was startling Hush woman Lemme gain my poise Wheres the car again? Next thing you know we saw a house looks inhabited Girl screaming out she saw a mouse And the door swings open on it's own Heard a moan and some rattling Hooded figure made of skin and bones Teeth were chattering Damn babe run!! WTF you got us into Thing had an axe Looking sharper than a ginsu Screaming like a banshee Skin was red, plus it's burning, eye sockets stark, almost dark, stomach churning My girl, running fast, up ahead, Something snatches her Heard a quick scream Saw some blood Something bashing her Damn girl Look what you done did, I'm fuken outta here This scene got me feeling really sick Plus a lotta fear Next thing you know 2 whacks from the back side (chucksound) Started feeling weak Dropping to my knees Lift my head Am I dead? Then I saw my girl She was drenched in red Then she said Forgive me But my master needs a sacrifice
Way back when As a youngin I was kickin the cans Doing dumb shit Climbing in buildings aban- doned Standing Feet seeks precipice Got to see how the world works Pessimist I'm appalled How could y'all see Heaven sent Peel back veil hiding Decrepitness Ran away, came back I was never missed Been shot Been stabbed I've endeavored since I was paid no mind unsettling Built big brain Brain that can level men Plus arms that can choke to within an inch If you think that the x is a little bitch No sir I've been both hell and back Years callous Built a very hard shell to crack Somehow X keeps that shit at bay But still Life pressing down every day Thoughts go back When the drama kept hitting the fan X grew up poor, he was shitting in cans No bathroom Taboo washing ya face Went to school wearing rags, looking like a disgrace Chased daily til the X up and turned it around Found out that the X wasn't easily downed Big bro taught little bro fighting n shit Backing clowns down, bro had them biting the clip What now bro? Naw X, you might be a kid But your eyes shining bright light I gotta admit I think I mighta found Einstein Sign an obit As you blast past Ya hood pass with words you emit Keep quiet kid Denizens will prolly flip If they knew how your lingo psychologically hits Now that I'm older, As I shoulder all the things I saw Fuck that shit Worked til my fingers raw Hard times rat trapped me And my rigid flaws Kept X, next guessing how his shit was lost Been out in the struggle since the days of a kid Mad drama filled with pain is the way that I lived Fought hard cause I'm smarter than that, and gatdammit, I planned and did everything to get on the map Switched lanes, x soon got harder to beat Kept fighting back, even in the face of defeat Kept working on the layer after layer of fail Out bounced what I carry to this day to prevail What I carry to this day to prevail What I carry to this day to prevail
The Spit 03:15
What the hell is this -- shit, wtf, it's the morning, body sore and, waking up, coffee pouring, furthermore and then, ima hit the door really hard as I exit, watch a fuken master as he slides into the next shit, damn, not one of y'all can do it like the X did, feeling real reckless, come up on your girl, pearl necklace, told me she would like it if I battered up her breast-isis ... Oh stop that. How the heck you think this shit gonna top that, crazy ass thoughts scientifical, captivate the masses as I spin the words centrifugal, see me free flowing concepts metaphysical, in a swimming pool, weight is rendered near invisible, Laserbeak and Soundwave indivisible, Starscream creeping like a sheisty individual, Megatron crumpled in the corner looking pitiful ----- Your girl swallows, that's some information I would follow, I heard it once before that you are not promised tomorrow, I keep that thought in mind while I drink away my sorrows, Hernando right beside me is my witness, I drink until I'm witless, a glass of Henny straight handles my business, and when I'm there, no need for further company, you peons looking dumb-to-me, partake in situations only fun-to-me, looking for the best, please forgive the fuken wannabes, X, the X-man, call me XoCillian, grab your favorite rappers, you can bring along a million, line em all up, take em out like weak civilians, spit mad darts, Wutang times a billion, I know you're feeling him, all the chickens cluck like, what's the deal with him, something mad humble and so real with him, does he really know how fuken ill he is, does he understand how fuken talented and skilled he is, that motherfucker kills it when he gets upon the microphone, you other mother-cuntus need to leave the fuken mic alone, X-man has the tendency to take it there, but he also has the tendency to take it to the head quick, plus kinda stubborn, head is harder than red brick, and as for honeys only want em when they spread thick, inquisitive and odd were descriptions as he grew up, never knew why, but his fuken life was screwed up, fuck this society, I frankly think the rules suck, they could kiss my ass cause a lot of them are true schmucks, As for the haters, as is always, lick my two nuts, as for your hating, I am giving less than two fucks, Fuck y'all fuck this, just fuck the fuck outta everything, anytime I'm zooted you can find me down for anything....
Goddamn it's blazing, I'm sweating in this piece, NYC sizzles hotter than fish grease, train stay stuck under tunnel where shit creeps, sweat now dripping in the nook of my dick crease, wow, damn, this train on the last roll, about to turn around and smack the shit out an asshole, this broken down behemoth that I'm on is a danger, hot sweaty people and it smells like a manger, power goes out, and we're stuck on a dark train, conductor comes out, hey folks start walking, you want us start trooping on the track? that's crazy, I wouldn't step foot on the tracks if you paid me, so maybe, you should go and help that lady, about to pass out as she holding that baby, the way she, turning dark blue, looking wavy, you better get her off before she's pushing up daisies
I'm too hot to flop like a fished out tuna, I more like to bite like a big barracuda, or better yet, venomous threat like king cobras, eloquence, embedded with strength of big boulders, I told ya, X ain't the one you push over, you can't, on account of my strength and big shoulders, with me, it's like having wild sex, with six old chicks, with the stamina, plus big banama and suntanama! That's right!! ODB on the shoutout, the Brooklyn zoo native made me wanna pull the shot out, that why I'll rep the boro til the sun, it starts to blot out, Brooklyn be the place you get your front teeth knocked out, (Brooklyn zoo!!) you'll see the ox, like my name backwards, if you ever try to say I use the same wack words and you never better say that I make the lame cracked turds, when my music is the shit, so be ashamed wack nerds
Now people, follow with I got the flow that goes for days I switch it up in many ways Call it chameleon, the Realest one Banging out the tracks So y'all relax Sit back and Have a stack of chips And spark your clips and take a puff I got that rare stuff that seeps into your pores, ignores the fact that u would rather back a wack--- ass who lacks the talent that x possesses, best in class and flex his ass on a lame who dares to name the x as his contemporary, quite contrary you canary Ya know you so irrelevant, the x can flow so eloquent, intelligent and elegant, my words will supersede you with a speed that seems procedural, it's equated to cathedrals, once you get to witness it, insignificant dicks you Nitwit peons, know I be on, different levels, Caribbean, quick to G on, dudes that don't respect the mental, incidental, I'm so great kid, and you fake it, shake and bake it, hate to break it, cake I make it, try to take it and I'll smash you pops verse<added later> I'm chillin with my man, Ghostly, Pops, yo these dudes be rapping corny, Are they ever gonna stop? I doubt it homie rolling only with a mike, phonies know they nothing like, we bless the public with unique styles, speak child, break a beat down, reach down deep, bring forward things never seen, how-in the fuck do they do that, eat vowels, shit consonants, constant flip, verbs, words creep into your con-sci-ence, the nonsense that you speak, shit be weak, bleak, beat hard into the ground, reeks hard of desperation, wack is the estimation Wait -hold up just a second-whats that say? Oh, nascent findings windup pointing out the X as the smarter dude, articles are written bout the spitting, whipping wack rappers asses in the game of mixing words to a beat, and we do it freakin sweet, so Pops Ghostly hold the left side, count to three, then begin to ask the question, who's the hell's as hot as we?


Just a random pile of tracks i've done that didn't go on albums


released April 7, 2014


all rights reserved



XoC Las Vegas, Nevada

NYC's #1 Nerdcore Artist!!

Making music about topics as obscure as a photon of light traveling across the universe to to feeling worthless to having a battle defending his favorite snack pop-tarts vs toaster strudels to living with a dead bedroom to having a showdown with Starscream and Optimus Prime to being shot by his stepdad to recounting the revolution in his home country of Haiti ... more

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